An Introduction to the Analysis of Algorithms

People who analyze algorithms have double happiness. First of all they experience the sheer beauty of elegant mathematical patterns that surround elegant computational procedures. Then they receive a practical payoff when their theories make it possible to get other jobs done more quickly and more economically.      D. E. Knuth

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The textbook An Introduction to the Analysis of Algorithms (2nd edition) by Robert Sedgewick and Philippe Flajolet [ Amazon · Inform IT ] overviews the primary techniques used in the mathematical analysis of algorithms. The material covered draws from classical mathematical topics, including discrete mathematics, elementary real analysis, and combinatorics, as well as from classical computer science topics, including algorithms and data structures.


Reading a book and surfing the web are two different activities: This booksite is intended for your use while online (for example, while programming and while browsing the web); the textbook is for your use when initially learning new material and when reinforcing your understanding of that material (for example, when reviewing for an exam). The booksite consists of the following elements:

The book was first published in 1995. The second edition (2015) and this booksite aim to supplement the material in the text while still respecting the integrity of the original.

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